Workplace Staff Training Programs

Enhanced Business Solutions specialise in helping employers implement customised staff training programs delivered at the workplace. Through our training partnerships we can even ensure these programs attract up to $3,500 in cash incentives with no fees for eligible staff.

Our customised staff training program can be developed and implemented to help businesses recognise and upskill staff, as well as directly benefiting their bottom line. Staff training programs can be offered with a focus on Hospitality , Retail, Leadership , Business , and Administrative roles and all programs are flexible and quality assured. Call us today to find out more…

Funded Training 

Our training partnerships allow us to assist employers to implement and facilitate a workplace training program that supports the success of their business. These program can align with any existing staff training being performed and may even attract generous cash incentives. All our customised programs are focused on improving staff service skills in the areas such as sales, customer service, teamwork, safety, and much more. They are delivered at your workplace at flexible times by industry professionals.

Non-Funded Training

We can also offer customised staff training programs that do not attract cash incentives but may include fee subsidies. These can be suitable for long term or casual staff. A program can be developed that address specific skill gaps in your team in order to achieve a variety of business goals. They can be one off sessions or be delivered over a longer period of time depending on your needs

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