Enhanced Shopper Program

Our industry specific ‘mystery’ shopper program is designed to analyse your service and quality levels from the customers viewpoint. It involves ‘trained customers’ visiting your location anonymously on a monthly or fortnightly basis, and completing detailed reporting on their experiences. The resulting reports can identify trends in service levels or highlight service deficiencies, as well becoming a useful tool to benchmark performance across your location.

Enhanced Shopper is a cost effective means of ensuring you are maintaining the customer service levels necessary for the success of your hospitality or retail outlet. Call us now for a quote or to find out more.

“The primary difference between you and your competitors is the level of customer service and selling skills delivered by your teams”

“An effective Mystery Shopper Report program gives you the tools to measure the true level of your team’s customer service and selling skills”

“Gain a competitive advantage by knowing the ‘real’ customer service and selling skills levels of your teams, then implementing targeted remedial training”

What is an effective Mystery Shopper report

For a Mystery Shopper Report to be effective it needs to provide a detailed account of an average customers experience when visiting your sites. The report must include a detailed commentary providing context for scoring, qualified and weighted scoring for all interactions between your team and customers, as well as housekeeping, maintenance and presentation observations.

Is an effective Mystery Shopper report cost effective

An effective Mystery Shopping report can easily be funded by the profit made from just one sale (Depending on the average sale in your business). For this low cost you will be able to effectively measure your teams delivery of customer service and selling skills, then use the results to implement targeted remedial training, the results of which will most certainly increase sales revenue. An effective Mystery Shopper report is cost positive to your business.

Can you afford to wait?

Customers underwhelmed by poor customer service negatively influence their family, friends and business colleagues.

Conversely, consistent customer service excellence provides for the cheapest and most effective form of advertising, ‘word of mouth’. For a fraction of the marketing budget spent attracting customers, you can rest assured that your teams are making the most of every customer interaction, by having an effective Mystery Shopper report program in place.

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